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Stonehenge Private Access Tours

Stonehenge Inner Circle Tours at Sunset or Sunrise

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For those of you who have not visited this sacred site, we should mention that the complex is roped off. Visitors observe the stones from a distance and are not permitted within the temple complex. Our special access tours allow you to be amongst the stones. Your guide will bring to life its many myths, legends and rich and fascinating history.

Stone Circle Access visits take place outside the normal opening times at Stonehenge, and are very early in the morning or late in the evening, and are not offered during the normal opening times.

We have arranged with English Heritage for you to experience a unique guided visit to this ancient sacred site - beyond the fences and after the crowds have gone home. Walk amongst the stones and experience the magical atmosphere within the inner circle.

"A unique photo opportunity"

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Private Access Tours from London

Visit Stonehenge at Sunrise or Sunset. Go beyond the fences and into the inner circle - click here

Private Guided Tours including Stonehenge Private

In addition our regular 'scheduled group tour' departures we are often able to get permission from the English Heritage for additional 'inner circle' tours for small groups (1-26 persons). These can be sunset or sunrise times depending on availability.

These Tours can depart from Salisbury, Bath, Oxford or Southampton - click here

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